Appointment Terms and Conditions

Appointments can be made online at by visiting our appointment book directly or by clicking our redirect links at or on Google. You will be prompted to submit a deposit to secure your appointment.
At Sweet Life Skincare and Beauty Treatments, LLC, we respect your time and will notify you if we must reschedule your appointment for earlier or later on.
We ask that you honor our attendance system, notifying us of rescheduling or cancelation prior to your scheduled appointment time. The deposit is non refundable, so please notify us if anything changes with your ability to attend your appointment. Your appointment will be cancelled after 15 mins of no call no show or response to our follow-up and a new deposit will have to be applied to your next scheduling. This is to account for the time slot that rendered no work in the event of a last minute no show. We'd like to ensure you receive the agreed upon return on your investment and that your time and our is respected.

We look forward to your appointment! 



CEO and Licensed Esthetician